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Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Super food Facial Oil 15ml This f
Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Super food Facial Oil 15ml This facial oil is infused with Moroccan Rose as well as being packed full with Vitamins and minerals. The ingredients work together to renew, rejuvenated and protect your skin. This facial oil is also rich with moisturizing properties as well as antioxidants that will protect and hydrate your skin just when it needs it most. This product is never tested on animals meaning it is Cruelty Free. The top 3 main active ingredients are Vitamin C Will help you have younger looking skin by stimulating collagen. --Vitamin A Is a antioxidant that's main aim is to rejuvenate your skin, reduce the signs of aging and even your skin tone all the while protecting your skin from free radicals. --Almond Oil Brightens your skin, deeply nourishes your skin and deeply moisturizes making your skin look fresher Personally I absolutely adore the Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Super food Facial Oil and was lucky enough to have first tried it in Pink Parcels 2018 March Edition & have replaced it every time it has run out. This facial oil is lightweight and the scent is nice and subtle perfect for someone like myself whom suffers from severe asthma that can be triggered by scents as well as many other things. I did notice a massive difference in the colour of the products makings me think it may have been changed not that this is a bad thing just that it is a noticeable difference as the colour used to be a light soft pink now it is a peachy shade. I love the clean, sleek packaging featuring a dropper lid. When you apply the facial oil you won’t need more than 3 droplets and if like me you follow the Korean 10 step skincare Routine you would apply during step 6.