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ENATURE MORINGA Cleansing Balm – 75g - £22.00 - Cruelty Free
ENATURE MORINGA Cleansing Balm – 75g - £22.00 - Cruelty Free This sherbet like oil cleansing balm is the absolutely perfect way to start your double cleanse part of the Korean 10 step skincare routine and it melts your makeup off so easily without being too harsh on your skin. This cleansing balm will break down makeup , pollution, dirt and many other nasty’s on top of your skin. The formula not only helps to build natural collagen that helps fight the signs of aging like fine lines, other ingredients help to make your skin feel smooth and soft to the touch. The PH level is at a 6 (our skins natural PH levels sit between 4.5 – 5.5, 7 is neutral and 14 is most alkaline) so a 6 is amazing good level. To apply use the spatula/spoon that was provided and apply a pea sized amount to dry skin and gently massage into your skin with your hands then add Luke warm water before rinsing.