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Farmacy beauty a skincare brand that uses high quality substa
04/06-11:45 (edited)
Farmacy beauty a skincare brand that uses high quality substainable clean cruelty-free healthy earth friendly ingredients to create their luxurious formula & with beautiful designed packaging their unique products continue to earn them a massive cult following while being passionate about chemistry & formulas that work caring about the environment & our future . The Honey Potion hydration mask is so soothing & soft on the skin the natural scent lingers & my skin has a nice moistured glow with its perfect texture & mess free application using a magnetic spatula attached to the lid which makes this product hassle-free & hygienic.The glass packaging is beautiful & looks immaculate on display. Benefits ☆Nourishes ☆Hydrates ☆Soothes ☆Supports Skin Renewal ☆Hassle free ☆Eco Friendly ☆All Skin Types ☆Cruelty-free Key ingredients ☆Apple Extract ☆Niacamide ☆Ceramides & Panthenol ☆Buckwheat Honey Blend Cheer Up vitamin C under eye cream with acerola cherry super hydrating ingredients help to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines & dark circles It feels so refreshing & is great for my skin & really helps to perk up my eyes delivering a firm smooth radiance effect with its light quickly absorbing texture formula. Benefits ☆Radiance ☆Rejuvenates ☆Reduces Dark Circles ☆Fast-absorbing ☆Eco-Friendly ☆Cruelty-free ☆All Skin Types Key ingredients ☆Vitamin C Natural Acerola Cherry ☆Hyaluronic Acid ☆Sacha Inchi Peptide & Caffeine: Honey Savior Repair Salve comes in a perfect sized handy tube created to gently repair dry skin & also calming irritations while also nourishing the hands lips elbows legs & feet. its lovely thick texture & moisturizing replenished honey scent formula felt wonderful on my skin & is ideal for use day & night in your routine Benefits ☆All In One Balm ☆Safe For Sunburns ☆Revitalizes ☆Eco-friendly ☆Cruelty-free ☆All Skin Types Key ingredients ☆Proprietary Honey Blend ☆Propolis & Royal Jelly