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01/18-13:04 (edited)
HOW TO: APPLY LIP COLOUR PERFECTLY..๐Ÿ‘Œ Step 1: Scrub and Moisturise those Lips.. Step 2: Prepare a base.. If you have naturally dark lips, it can be difficult to make your lipstick colour pop. So, if you want your lipstick colour to shine in its vivid form, use concealer all over your lips before applying your lip colour. This acts as a primer and gives your lips a smooth and even base. This step is optional and comes in handy for people dealing with lip pigmentation. Step 3: Trace and fill lips with liner.. Step 4: Pick your lipstick shade..๐Ÿ‘„ Step 5: Start from the centre When putting on the lipstick, make sure you start applying it from the middle of the lips and go outwards. Start from the middle of the lips to control the application and lessen the chances of mess-ups. If you are a newbie, try drawing an โ€œXโ€ on your cupidโ€™s bow and ensure not to go outside the line... Step 6: Blot, Blot, Blot Once your lips are completely coated, and your pout is glam A.F., it is time to blot. Gently squeeze your lips together over tissue paper to remove all the extra product lying on your lips which could crack up later. This also ensures your lip colour stays on longer and looks better. Also, while using cream-based lipstick, you can seal it in place with setting powder. However, be warned that this will make the colour look matte.