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I have been dying to get my hands on @beautyofjoseon_official
I have been dying to get my hands on @beautyofjoseon_official products for a while now but Other than my favourite Korean skincare online store I don't know where else is safe to order from anyway I was lucky enough to receive this from the brand itself to test so lets talk about this amazing cleansing balm that smells so amazing I almost am able to forget that we are already into summer as it makes me think of springtime. This cleansing balm is up their at the top with my favourite cleansing balm as it melts your makeup so fast that a quick wipe and it's all gone including all the dirt/impurities and oil based products If you follow the Korean 10 step skincare Routine then this would be your first step and to be honest it's one of my favourite as I love doing my double cleanse. Contains rice water and grain fermentation to help remove the heaviest of makeup looks and help skin be super smooth by cleaning out impurities from your pores. I have found out that this product also contains chrysanthemum and vitamins I absolutely love this and have added it to my collection as I am so in love with Korean Skincare. It looks so milky and smooth and it feels so good on my skin