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Many times I’ve ordered foundation or concealer online and th
01/05-09:34 (edited)
Many times I’ve ordered foundation or concealer online and the shade or undertones have been wrong, despite the recommendations and guides online. Luckily there are many ways to use them regardless and get your money’s worth. My favourite is using them as a base for colour correction. Too orange go on the undereye area to combat the blue undertones and when it’s too olive i use it on my pimples to combat redness. Another way is mixing them with other products to get to your desired shade. You can mix with green primer to make foundation less orange. To go more rosey is a bit trickier but what works for me is i mix them with the missha milky pink spf, which has pink undertones. I reckon adding a very little pink or red blush and some moisturizer could also work but i’ve never tried. Using them as contour is pretty popular, but if it’s slightly darker you can mix them with a white cream such as moisturiser or sunscreen and use them as tinted products. It is a bit complicated because you’re essentially playing chemist but it works and after you grasp the concept it will make life easier