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Spacemasks These are Spacetastic definitely 110 out of 100 (w
06/16-09:22 (edited)
Spacemasks These are Spacetastic definitely 110 out of 100 (wink, wink) I first had the pleasure of trying Spacmasks self heating eye mask when I reviewed Spacemasks - Spacemasks In The Mummy Club Box. back in January 2018 (it was my first review for another blog. 4 years has passed and my love for spacemasks has grew and I also love watching the founder with her family on the Spacemasks Instagram Stories. Spacemasks is a self heating eye mask, this is possible by the thin layer of iron shavings coming into contact with the oxygen molecules in the air (this is why it starts heating soon as you open and remove it from it's foil packaging) and to be honest this completely geeks me out like a big kid as I used to love science at school. The spacemasks also have the slightest essence of Jasmine the beautiful flower/herb not me or the Disney princess (sorry I was trying to be funny). So it was a year ago I first tried Spacmasks and fell in love with this product as it helps to relax me so I can drift off. As a mum sometimes I find it hard to fall asleep as my body and mind is on constant alert especially last year when I was still breastfeeding. I have severe asthma and sciatica that also adds to my lack of sleep but thanks to spacemasks I have a way to relax and just let go because once that eye mask is on I start to drift off within minutes giving me the much needed sleep I have been day dreaming about. The spacemasks heat usually lasts around 15 minutes and is also great for relieving migraines as well as helping you drift off to sleep. Since last year I have bought so many of these mainly when I can't sleep and nothing else is working I go hunting online for some and have spent over £6 for just one because sometimes certain products are worth paying a little extra especially when they actually do what they promise. Spacemasks can be bought on their website spacemasks.com The spacemasks usually come in a box of 5 for £15. *please note due to this product being extremely popular a lot of online stores are sold out and even if you are lucky to find some stock you need to buy fast as they do sell out faster than any product I have seen*