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URBAN DECAY NAKED HEAT 4 years ago on Feelunique Facebook liv
URBAN DECAY NAKED HEAT 4 years ago on Feelunique Facebook live not only did they demonstrate how to make the most of this palett with different blending technics etc they also had a live competition and I was one of 25 lucky winners. After using this I did replace it when most the pans where visible ๐Ÿ˜ฑ but in late 2019/2020 my celling gave way while I was in hospital as I had just given birth to my youngest, all my beauty products except for the few I took into hospital with me as I don't sleep well in hospital so makeup/skincare helps me relax so anyway after that obviously covid happened and I moved house but I was looking at some new pallet but I have decided I will be yet again buying this one as it was one of my all time favourites as depending what colour shades you used where with blending technics it could go from a light day look to a night/party look also the shades are perfect during summer/autumn time. The product is absolutely amazing no word of a lie I love it the colours are perfect and the formula too also the brush. This was the palette that got me obsessed with eyeshadow palettes as I was more of a mascara/eyeliner person before. So thank you Feelunique esp as 4 years ago when I won I was having a rough time my asthma that was dormant for years relapsed almost killing me and to take the medicine I needed I had to stop breastfeeding my daughter straight away as I was hospitalised the medicine made my face & body bloat (moon face thanks to steriods) so I lost all confidence in myself and was down obviously a pallet/makeup can't fix everything but it gave me a boost to feel like myself again so thanks also sorry this is so long winded and for any spelling/grammar mistakes as I have dyslexia and think I may have went on a bit too much but I really do love this pallet.