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Beauty Hackers

Got life-changing beauty hacks to share? Then, tell us here what products you are loving right now and why.
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This product is totally gorgeous but not only can it be used as a daily cleansing balm but a great tip is to leave it on for approx 20 mins then wash off so it doubles up as a face mask too. Will leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth and the smell is divine
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I’ve received a sample of this serum and I fell in love with this! So I’ve bought a full size! I’ve apply this before I go to bed and when I wake up my skin feels so nourished! I would highly recommend this!
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I have been testing the Pure Niacinamide 10 serum from La Roche Posay and coming to the end of the bottle now….shame! Really impressed with it! I have been using it morning and evening without skipping! I definitely feel that my skin is brighter and my pigmentation has faded a lot! My skin feel softer to touch to. I love the glow it gives you after applying! 💜
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My go to mascara ! Amazing results, not sticky and easily removed. 10/10
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I tried colorwowhair MONEY MASQUE Deep Hydrating Hair Treatment straight after i shampooed my hair using a nice sized proportion of the glossy gel substance & carefully massaged this into my roots & ends I noticed straightaway the the scent is really refreshing & texture feels luxurious & lightweight & quickly absorbs in every strand of my hair.The gel like thick texture really feels amazing & after 5 minutes of leaving I rinsed it out & found that my hair looked & felt great it felt so much more noticeable with the revitalizing shiny smooth hydrating results & its really helped with previous detangling issues due to its moisturising vegan gluten-free & cruelty-free ingredients included •Key Benefits• 💙Hydrates 💙Strengthens hair 💙Creates Silky healthy hair 💙Suitable for all hair types 💙No sulphates 💙Cruelty-free 💙Gluten-free 💙Vegan •Ingredients• 💙Blue Sea Kale 💙Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Complex 💙Mediterranean Sea Kelp/Algae Blend RRP £39.50
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If you are diabolical at lip looks like me then the benefit “they’re real” lip stick/liner combo is for you! It’s like a lipstick but the tip of it is a different shade and it does the lining for you as you apply the lipstick. It’s amazing, I love it and it’s so simple to use!
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Since I double cleanse my skin, it has changed in a wonderful direction. So far, I have always bought expensive cleansing oils and balms, but I decided to give this Nivea cleansing oil a chance and I can say that I am more than fascinated. It is not inferior to the more expensive ones. Perfectly cleanses the skin without drying it out. I would definitely buy it again.
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Best advice I was given was to apply my moisturiser immediately after showering. Skin should be warm and damp for maximum absorption, think blotting dry not rubbing. Then apply moisturiser in the same direction as hair growth which will trap more moisture into the skin. I have very dry skin and always use Bioderma Atoderm products.
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