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Beauty Hackers

Got life-changing beauty hacks to share? Then, tell us here what products you are loving right now and why.
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TikTok Users Are Adding Blush to Their Undereye Concealer and the Results Are Promising. Apply a penny-size dot of blush at the inner corners of your eyes, layered the same amount of concealer adjacent to the blush, using a damp Beautyblender to blend it all in. To my surprise, the dusty-rose blush gave a color-correcting effect to my undereye area
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My serum for dry and dehydrated skin, gentle and delicate helps me with dry and sensitive skin.
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Gloopy nail polish? A drop of thinner does work but in reality dilutes it so shortens it’s life. Mavala sell a thinner for polish that really works BUT a better hack is to put the sealed bottle in a bowl of really hot water for a couple of minutes then shake (careful as glass will be hit). If it’s still not thin enough then do it again. 💅
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This product is totally gorgeous but not only can it be used as a daily cleansing balm but a great tip is to leave it on for approx 20 mins then wash off so it doubles up as a face mask too. Will leaving your skin feeling soft and smooth and the smell is divine
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I’ve received a sample of this serum and I fell in love with this! So I’ve bought a full size! I’ve apply this before I go to bed and when I wake up my skin feels so nourished! I would highly recommend this!
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I have been testing the Pure Niacinamide 10 serum from La Roche Posay and coming to the end of the bottle now….shame! Really impressed with it! I have been using it morning and evening without skipping! I definitely feel that my skin is brighter and my pigmentation has faded a lot! My skin feel softer to touch to. I love the glow it gives you after applying! 💜
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My go to mascara ! Amazing results, not sticky and easily removed. 10/10
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I tried colorwowhair MONEY MASQUE Deep Hydrating Hair Treatment straight after i shampooed my hair using a nice sized proportion of the glossy gel substance & carefully massaged this into my roots & ends I noticed straightaway the the scent is really refreshing & texture feels luxurious & lightweight & quickly absorbs in every strand of my hair.The gel like thick texture really feels amazing & after 5 minutes of leaving I rinsed it out & found that my hair looked & felt great it felt so much more noticeable with the revitalizing shiny smooth hydrating results & its really helped with previous detangling issues due to its moisturising vegan gluten-free & cruelty-free ingredients included •Key Benefits• 💙Hydrates 💙Strengthens hair 💙Creates Silky healthy hair 💙Suitable for all hair types 💙No sulphates 💙Cruelty-free 💙Gluten-free 💙Vegan •Ingredients• 💙Blue Sea Kale 💙Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Complex 💙Mediterranean Sea Kelp/Algae Blend RRP £39.50
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