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Beauty Hackers

Got life-changing beauty hacks to share? Then, tell us here what products you are loving right now and why.
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There’s so many good mascaras out there but my absolute favourite one is Lancôme Hypnose. Does wonders to my lashes and makes them look long and lovely 😊
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05/25-16:15 (edited)
Apply lipstick before your blusher. You will then see exactly what shade of blush you need and how intense it needs to pull the final look together. I say this because I think for many people the final step of makeup is applying lipstick, but I think it’s better this way around.
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Going through a phase of experiencing dry skin breakouts and findings it so hard to keep up with skincare routine (newborn in the house) these products below help me give instant moister that lasts for hours :) calms down the red irritated skin and helps minimise the dry flaky patches! That being said water is the best form of hydration and we shouldn’t solely rely on skincare products for keeping our skin hydrated 😊💧♥️
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My new favourite mascara is the lancome idole! I used to be a benefits they're real fan but this has stolen its spot in my make up bag
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My hack would be use a barrier serum or cream. Every product you use will work more efficiently. Also zoe bee creams when your skin is really bad, sorts it out unbelievably quick and is so gentle
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I love this mascara. I had a sample first and I loved it
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ABH brow freeze has got to be one of the most annoying packaging’s for product I’ve ever seen! It’s so hard to get the brow wax onto the spoolie. My hack is using the end of my spoolie to scrape some product up then I wipe it on the lid of the pot and use it from there. It’s so much easier and more precise to get the product where you want it on the spoolie and a lot less wastage too.
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Also my 2nd go to mascara is the No7 dramatic lift. Amazing mascara. Looks like your wearing fake lashes but it’s all the down to this mascara for giving that amazing look. No need for eyelashes and so weightless.
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