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Itโ€™s happy hour. No, not that kind (we wish) but it is time t
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Itโ€™s happy hour. No, not that kind (we wish) but it is time to take part in our NEW quiz. To kickstart the series, weโ€™ve themed it around all things happiness to make you smile.ย ๐Ÿ˜† The quiz champion will win a mood-boosting prize of an ยฃ100 voucher and will be contacted directly by the end of the day on 31st August 2022๐ŸŒŸ Please share your answers in the comments and label them 1-10. 1. Who wrote the hit song Happy in the year 2013?ย  2. How many muscles does it take to smile?ย  3. According to the U.N World Happiness Report, which country is the happiest in the world?ย  4. What is the name for the area of the brain responsible for happiness?ย  5. According to job site Glassdoor, what is the happiest profession?ย  6. In what year was the smiley face invented? 7. Where does the word happiness originate? 8. According to the International Journal for Environmental Health, how many minutes should we spend outside a day to boost our mood?ย  9. In what year was the film Pursuit of Happiness released? 10. ย Which lipstick undertone, cool or warm makes your smile look brighter? Happy quizzing! โœจ