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🌼☀️ A little gem! Dermalogica Ceramide Mist Tried & Tested
06/13-09:58 (edited)
🌼☀️ A little gem! Dermalogica Ceramide Mist Tried & Tested - curtesy of ‘Feel Unique’ Grateful- thank you! Highlights for the ‘Feel Unique Community’ 🌼Good saturation without any residue. (Video attached) 🌼Upon application a refreshing scent of rose, not too overpowering very well balanced. 🌼Refreshing & soothing on sensitive skin. 🌼Skin feels strengthened upon 1st application My website review: Works amazingly well on calming tzone area after cleansing. Good saturation without any residue, with a lovely scent of rose which is well balanced. Honestly I was surprised just how soothing this mist is and has reduced redness, skin feels plump, refreshed & strengthened upon 1st application. Definitely delivers on the ‘bounce back’ aspect. In fact I kept having a gentle prod of my face as it feels significantly more plump and smooth all over. Very impressed with this ceramide mist from dermalogica, without a doubt would repurchase, as it is a hands down winner and my new go to.