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❤️❤️ Here are my first impressions of the Filorga Time Filler
❤️❤️ Here are my first impressions of the Filorga Time Filler ❤️❤️ The packaging is stunning. I could have done without the plastic wrap around the box as I try to be environmentally conscious. However, the overall look and design is really nice. There is a mirrored lid and frosted glass container. The packaging alone got me really excited! The cream has a scent, I wouldn’t describe it as overpowering however it’s worth noting that it is scented. It feels like a medium consistency, not watery but not like a heavy thick cream either. It blends into the skin nicely and feels refreshing. I feel like it’s going to make a really nice base for my makeup however I haven’t got that far yet. It’s not greasy but it does feel like it has good moisturising properties. The big test is going to be whether I feel it has any noticeable differences on my fine lines and frown lines. I can’t wait to use this for a couple of weeks and share the results. I’m having a (very rare) night out tonight so I will be able to have a good test of how it holds up with full face of makeup too. I will keep you all updated! ❤️