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I am so lucky to have been chosen to receive the Madara Plant
13/06-16:38 (edited)
I am so lucky to have been chosen to receive the Madara Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying Sunscreen SPF30 40ml. I wanted to share with you all my amazing experience with the product, a little about the brand, itโ€™s ethics and of course the product itself! ๐Ÿค MY THOUGHTS This product is so much bigger than I expected, this will last a really long time especially as a little goes along way! It has a noticeable tint on application and it blends seamlessly into my skin losing some of the tint which gives my fair skin a very subtle beautiful bronze look! It makes my skin look very healthy and improves my uneven skin tone and gives my skin a healthy natural glow. I can see this being universal as there is no white cast and itโ€™s unisex too which I love as itโ€™s inclusive to everyone. This being a sunscreen has such a beautiful look to my skin and not the typical smelly, sticky one, with only a slight โ€œnatural/plant smellโ€. It is brilliant at protecting my skin from the sun, with the weather being hot my nose is prone to burning and this completely prevented that from happening This is perfect for everyday use and perfect for hot days not only for protection but a beautiful healthy look, almost like a tinted moisturiser! I am absolutely in love with how this product makes my skin look and is an luxurious way of protecting my skin from cancer, ageing, dark spots and improving my pigmentation! This brand is ethical and goes through every length to insure they are as environmentally friendly as possible. Iโ€™d highly recommend it as itโ€™s so much more than a regular spf! PRODUCT TARGET AUDIENCE This product is unisex, it has universal packaging which is a great way to encourage men who may be put off using more โ€œfemale cateredโ€ products to protect and look after their skin. With this being sunscreen everyone and anyone should use this product to protect against harsh uv rays all year round to prevent skin cancer and improve skin concerns exacerbated by the sun. This spf is inclusive to every skin type, gender and to anyone who wants to support brands who are very sustainable. SUSTAINABLE AND ECO CONSCIOUS I love that this brand is sustainable which is a huge bonus for the environment, MรDARA has even put its own section in its description to let buyers know how this product is sustainable. Their spf is made in MรDARA factory using 100% green electricity, coming from renewable sources. It has been responsibly developed in their labs, skin-friendly and biodegradable, free from harsh chemicals and potential environmental pollutants. For the packaging of their products MรDARA uses earth-conscious packaging such as post-consumer recycled plastics, recycled ocean waste and leftover materials from sugarcane and wood production. All of their tubes, bottles and flacons are 100% recyclable. This to me was a huge bonus and I appreciate brands going above and beyond to do their part to help keep the earth as preserved as possible. All of their products are also cruelty free and this specific product is 99% natural. 8% organic. Vegetarian. Gluten Free. Non-nano. Free from parabens, PEG, phthalates, perfumes and synthetic colours. PRODUCT CLAIMS MรDARA states this product; - Shields against urban pollution and protects the skin microbiome - Regenerates the skin for a 360ยฐ age-defying effect - Works to prevent all types of sun damage, including dryness, wrinkles, pigmentation, dark spots and loss of volume - Ultra-light, subtly tinted texture - 100% invisible on the skin - Suitable for both him and her - Leaves skin with an invisible, flawless finish I agree with all!