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I was selected to test Milk Makeup mascara and I am grateful
I was selected to test Milk Makeup mascara and I am grateful I have been given the opportunity. It arrived well-wrapped and quicker than expected, I was pleasantly surprised. I wanted to properly test it, use it at least 4-5 times before I gave my review! This is my first time trying out a milk product, I have been intrigued by their cream bronzers but I haven't bought one (yet). I have tested the mascara with and without powder underneath the eye area, I have applied one layer one day and two layers the next day. I have used it with and without a lash curler. Great results no matter how I have applied it. It doesn't clump, it's lengthening, make my lashes more voluminous and it doesn't transfer to the lower eye area as long as I apply it on the upper lashes only (which I do anyway with all my mascaras). The curved wand made it easy to apply the mascara, the wand is soft not rigid and that's a plus for me personally. Perfect for every day use. The only thing to bear in mind, it gives a natural effect to the lashes, it's not suitable for you if you prefer a more glamorous look.