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I’ve been testing this spf for 3 weeks constantly during heat
I’ve been testing this spf for 3 weeks constantly during heatwave in July. I’ve used the whole bottle of 40ml within those 3 weeks, so can say it is not long lasting product, but on the other hand it’s not extremely expensive, however for some can be. It does have very light formula that absorbing incredibly well without sticky or shiny residue, but it’s not a dry matt neither. It does protect skin against uva and uvb well, my pigmentation was controlled and didn’t get worse. I have also a feeling that my make up last longer when applied on to Vichy spf. Really enjoy using this spf. The only thing I have noticed that is common for all brands of spf’s and makes our life harder is the fact that practically none of them mentioning how much of the product will have to be applied to achieve full protection, I wish to see this information on the packaging, I did consult with Vichy and I’ve told that 4-6 pumps (face only) need to be applied to achieve spf50. I was using it on my neck and décolleté as well, so appox 10 pumps at one go. Hence why it last only 3 weeks. Highly recommended especially for those that don’t like shiny, white or greasy residue. It’s also worth to mention that it didn’t enlarge my pores which can be common problem with spf. I am 36yo and my skin is dry-combination.