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My first ever tester review - the Madara Plant Stem Cell Age-
20/06-23:28 (edited)
My first ever tester review - the Madara Plant Stem Cell Age-Defying Sunscreen SPF30 40ml. I have used this for a week now to try and get a good feel for the product and allow my skin time to get used to it. My first impressions were that this was a generous size for a tester! The colour did surprise me, but it has more of a BB cream effect, so doesn't give you any kind of made-up look. To fully test this, I did have my other half wear the cream also and he was totally comfortable doing so. Pros: The packaging was clean and simple which suggested to me the brand is leaning on its ethics and science to do the talking as opposed to flashy design. I love vegan and ethical products, mostly because I am against animal testing so this is an important factor for me when choosing new skincare, haircare and make up brands. The product was homogeneous and applied easily, so no complaints here! The small is divine, definitely a huge plus point. The cons: One very big one unfortunately, like many I found this to be irritating around the eye area. Now granted, the super pollen is currently out to get us all, so I would have found like hard this past week regardless, but this definitely caused an uncomfortable almost burning sensation around my eyes. For me, I don't want to have to put one SPF on my face and have another for around my eyes. I have used Revolution and Polaris SPF creams without issue in the past and they can do the face all in one. To me whilst it didn't look like make up, it had a heavier almost foundation like feeling. I felt sort of tacky and I couldn't wait to clean my face and get this off at the end of the day, the same way we all love taking off the old-make up. Sadly this means I would not spend my own money on this product but thank you Feel Unique for the opportunity to test it all the same! I am sure my other half will continue to look fabulous as he finishes the trail out for me, waste not want not ๐Ÿ˜‰