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ok! at long last, my review for the Madara sunscreen! At fir
Sarah Purple
ok! at long last, my review for the Madara sunscreen! At first I was a little sceptical as it looked like a totally different shade to my skin, however, when I applied it it blended so smoothly with my pale skin and just added a very subtle hint of colour, (unlike other sunscreens that can leave you white) which I liked. Its a great consistency- no thick globs or lumps and doesn't have any chemical smell- or any smell at all, really. The brand also takes care to use organic ingredients. This sunscreen has vitamin e which is great for the skin. It left my skin moisturised and soft. I generally get spots from the sun, however with this sunscreen my skin stayed clear! I didn't even realize until now that my spots had been coming from the sunlight. I did get a little red still but I'm hoping it will turn into a tan ๐Ÿ˜œ It also applies easily, with a small hole so it never leaks, spills, and you can never take out to much without realizing. All in all, I found this product to be an amazing 3 in 1- subtle foundation, moisturiser, and protection from the sun. I'm really loving it.