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Thanks, Feelunique and @Frankie, for letting me try this prod
13/09-18:01 (edited)
Thanks, Feelunique and @Frankie, for letting me try this product. It arrived well-wrapped to prevent any damages during dispatch. It is a cute bottle. I heard a lot of hype about Milk Makeup, so it was worth the try. I am not the kind of person to use a lot of setting spray, as I had bad experiences with other brands that just leave you with a feeling you have a plastic layer on your skin. With the Milk Makeup Hydro grip, you only need 2 sprays, and you have full coverage and evenly. I tested it after applying foundation only, and it gave a great glow look. I also tested after I applied all makeup. Both tests were great and left your skin nourishing and holding makeup together. It lasts for a long time (more than 10 hours) only is the container and product so cute; it definitely feels rejuvenating and holds my makeup together when I use it. Now, after I see the results, I will add it to my makeup routine, even if I only have no makeup look or a natural look. Thanks, FU, for giving me a chance to test it ( a test product from FU and my own picture)