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Vichy Energising Shampoo. I’ve noticed improvement! I will st
Vichy Energising Shampoo. I’ve noticed improvement! I will start with the packaging, it is simple, ordinary, inconspicuous, which for me means that the manufacturer spent more time creating the formula than on the packaging. The shampoo is very efficient, I have been using it for a month every other day, and I always wash my hair twice. So far, I have used a little more than half a bottle. Smells good and foams very well, you really need a little shampoo. The shampoo contains aminexil and Vitamins PP, B5 and B6. Energizing shampoo is designed to reduce the rate of hair loss and maintain the thickness of thinning hair, after a month's use I can confirm that I actually have a little less hair loss, while the visual difference is significant. In my opinion, I have a more dense hairline. In addition, the hair is soft and moisturized, it does not pick up static when styling, which is a big plus. I’ve also noticed plenty baby hair. I would definitely recommend this shampoo to all those who suffer from excessive hair loss and to those who naturally have thin hair. I would also like to point out that we must remember that sometimes the shampoo itself does not work miracles because, for example, the cause is deeper, e.g. low levels of ferritin may be the reason for falling out, so it is worth taking care of health and monitoring the level of vitamins in the blood on an ongoing basis. I would like to add that when using any shampoo, it is worth washing the hair twice, I personally leave the foam from the second wash for 5 minutes, giving the shampoo a chance to work and time for vitamins to penetrate. Additionally, I exfoliate the scalp once every 10 days.