Free Beauty Products - Rate your Test and Review

Free Beauty Products - Rate your Test and Review

This channel is dedicated to all the products you are currently testing via our Test and Review service where community members get to try FREE beauty products in exchange for leaving an honest review. Share pics of your products and tell us what you think of the test and review service here. Once you've posted your testimonial in this dedicated channel, head to your missions page or click here and upload a screenshot of your post to get your 50 points.
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So I wanted to give it at least 4-5 times of using this before I gave my review! This is my first time trying out a milk product and was so intrigued as the bottle looks so nice. It’s a lightweight mist which doesn’t have much of a scent, doesn’t feel tacky on the skin either. Being a combination to oily skin type I thought it wouldn’t keep my makeup in place, however it did for most of the day, my oils only started to show a few hours after. I usually wear a tinted moisturiser, concealer and powder to work. I’ve not used it to refresh my makeup so I can’t comment on that.
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I'm glad I had the opportunity to test this great spray! my opinion from site👇🙂
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Recently, I was selected to test Milk Makeup Hydro Grip Makeup Setting spray. Now it’s time to share my honest opinion with you. First of all, the product doesn’t have any scent which I love. Second, it’s honestly so refreshing when it hits your skin. It doesn’t contain alcohol or any harsh ingredients. It’s vegan and cruelty-free. I love to set my face with this and to just use it as an afternoon refresher when my skin feels dry and tired. This mist is so beautiful and fine. My face always looks so glowy and dewy when I use this. It melts powders right into the skin so that your skin actually looks like skin and not a caked mess. It’s definitely worth a try and I will definitely repurchase this setting spray.
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I was lucky enough to be selected by the Feelunique Beauty spot community to try the Milk makeup hydro grip setting spray. I will admit that I had never tried a setting spray before, I just didn't think I needed it at all, but after trying the Milk hydro grip setting spray, I changed my mind. Transparent spray is an easy and quick-drying product, the light, non-sticky texture allows you to set the products for the whole day. I really like the formula of this spray, it's alcohol free so it doesn't dry out the skin, the hyaluronic acid, blue agave extract and aloe vera hydrates the skin to keep the makeup on all day. This is a great product and I will happily continue to use it. I also like the shape of the bottle, it is classic, elegant with a neon pattern, and the box is made of 100% recycled cardboard.
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Thanks, Feelunique and @Frankie, for letting me try this product. It arrived well-wrapped to prevent any damages during dispatch. It is a cute bottle. I heard a lot of hype about Milk Makeup, so it was worth the try. I am not the kind of person to use a lot of setting spray, as I had bad experiences with other brands that just leave you with a feeling you have a plastic layer on your skin. With the Milk Makeup Hydro grip, you only need 2 sprays, and you have full coverage and evenly. I tested it after applying foundation only, and it gave a great glow look. I also tested after I applied all makeup. Both tests were great and left your skin nourishing and holding makeup together. It lasts for a long time (more than 10 hours) only is the container and product so cute; it definitely feels rejuvenating and holds my makeup together when I use it. Now, after I see the results, I will add it to my makeup routine, even if I only have no makeup look or a natural look. Thanks, FU, for giving me a chance to test it ( a test product from FU and my own picture)
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Hi I received this fabulous Overnight Clearing Pads to test and review!! Perfect solution for those busy or lazy people especially teenagers who have breakouts. Overnight Clearing Pads are from 31st state are biodegradable ,powered by LACTIC ACID , TEA TREE AND ZINC . Simply wash your face take a pad wipe around your face and neck do not rinse I love this unique way to help reducing appearance of large pores, and generally helping with the excess sebum production.(Magnesium, Copper and Zinc are perfect combo to fight those Absolutely amazing product my teenager loves it as he doesn't like to follow complicated skincare routine, this definitely works !! Did anyone tried it ??
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I received this Milk Rise Mascara to test the other day and I’ve been using it everyday since ❤️❤️❤️ I work early hours in the mornings and this makes my eyes look more awake without the heaviness, so this is a perfect everyday mascara, as it feels so lightweight on the lashes it’s like I’m not wearing any mascara. It doesn’t clump and it’s easy to apply with the curved wand, leaves my lashes looking defined and longer which very rarely happens as I have short lashes. The mascara tube is very unique, it has a ribbed rubber sleeve which is great as it is easily gripped in the hand and wouldn’t roll off any flat surface. I really recommend this Mascara, its also vegan and cruelty free.
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Got this milk mascara as a free sample to try. Been using it now for a few days. Way to apply to lashes. Colours is black. Lasts all day. Even when raining outside did not rain. Easy to remove. Packaging really nice. Comfortable to hold in hand.
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