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I absolutely love trying out new samples and Ouai has been on my list of things I'd love to try for quite a while, so when I received these in the post I was super excited and saved them for a special day. I have long, thick, balayage bleached hair and have been trying to nail my perfect haircare regime for a while. I haven't tried anything specifically for thick hair in a long time so this was really bang on for me. Firstly, I'm so glad there were two sachets of each, because one sachet was *not* enough! The shampoo smells great, it looks glossy and it's full of lovely things like avocado oil and shea butter. It felt great lathering up, but when I came to wash it out, my hair felt painfully dry, like it had been stripped of every ounce of goodness it's contained forever! Worried, I tried out the conditioner, again so pleased there were two, but that wasn't sufficient to help counteract the dryness caused by the shampoo and I ended up topping it up with my usual conditioner. The masque went on at the end for a five minute treatment and wow, am I glad, because I don't know how I would have managed without it. I'm sure teamed with other haircare, the masque has the ability to be completely amazing, but after the stripping my hair had just been through, it felt like it wasn't enough! I dried my hair as normal, applying Moroccan Oil leave in conditioner, oil at the ends and Olaplex, but my dry hair felt like sandpaper and the blonde and ends felt like they could do with cutting off rather than ready for a great day out! Overall, I think without styling my hair in to waves, I would have been incredibly upset with how my hair turned out and it really wasn't what I expected from such a talked about brand. My hair is looking better today, day two, but there is no way I would go near the shampoo again! The masque, however, was a hit and I think worth a shot for dry thick hair with a different routine 💆‍♀️
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My favourite ☺️
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09/24-22:25 (edited)
Avène Tolerance Control Soothing Skin Recovery Cream for Sensitive Skin this is a very good moisturizer. calming and a great relief to sensitive and redness skin. It gives you a comfortable skin control feeling
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Plum blushes, such a good shade for autumn I think. If you’d like any swatches let me know x
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My new fav product 😍 how has it taken me this long to find this!!!! 💗
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Have a lovely day 😃
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I love this product absolutely wonderful product leaves skin soft, smooth and nourished and glowing👌 My skin looks amazing even without makeup
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My favourite ❤
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