Random Acts of Beauty
Most days were get knocked back, taken advantage of, abused.
Most days were get knocked back, taken advantage of, abused. It makes me despair of the world, then out of the blue someone will go out of their way to help you. These rare moments are enough to keep you going through the everyday drudgery of life. Memorable moment I treasure. One Sunday afternoon when traveling between North Wales and Southampton we broke down in our old banger, my daughter was about one year old (26 now) at the time. We managed to pull off the motorway and find a garage. The owner and a couple of mechanics stayed with us past closing time to get us on the road again. They didn't charge us a penny for their help, even though it made them late for the owners daughters birthday party. We gave them enough cash to purchase a round of drinks as a thank you to everyone. I just wished we had the name of the garage so we could have sent a proper thank you, but as most random acts of kindness they go unrewarded, I just hope people appreciate these moments and pay of forward. Random act of beauty. A simple easy way to be kind is to compliment someone, friend, loved one or stranger it doesn't matter. Get into the habit of giving compliments to people. You have no idea how much someone might need that boost of confidence, just to be recognised might mean the world to someone.