Random Acts of Beauty

Random Acts of Beauty

There is nothing more beautiful than performing a random act of kindness. Please share here any pics and stories of when someone has done something beautiful and kind to you. Once you've posted your testimonial in this dedicated channel, head to your missions page and upload a screenshot of your post to get your 250 points.
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Hi there, just wanna share with you that this beautiful make up has been done by my lovely and super talented make up artist, she didn't charge me for this, insted money was send to chelp fight children with cancer ❤️
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My most favorite friend send me
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It’s Ramadan so I’m having 2 water pumps done for the poor again this year
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Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.
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Beauty comes from the inside...
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I avoid going shopping with my kids as I find shopping stressful enough without having the 4 of them with me. I had to go clothes shopping with my two daughters aged 3&7. They were both pretty good considering we went to a lot of shops. The last shop we went to had some sweets by the toll. They didn’t ask for any but the man at the till gave them a packet of sweets each for being helpful and putting back some clothes on the rails that someone had dropped. This really made their day.
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Your individuality makes you beautiful !
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08/04-07:05 (edited)
I know this is just something small, but I heard from someone I used to work with over 20 years ago on FB today and their message just said “ Still beautiful as ever”. It’s just really nice to hear and was very random, we aren’t even “friends on FB” but we are now after all these years.
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