Random Acts of Beauty

Random Acts of Beauty

There is nothing more beautiful than performing a random act of kindness. Please share here any pics and stories of when someone has done something beautiful and kind to you. Once you've posted your testimonial in this dedicated channel, head to your missions page and upload a screenshot of your post to get your 250 points.
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What a beautiful gift I recived from Feelunique , thank you so much 💕
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I made my first cake for my 2 year old son. I'm very glad that everyone liked it)
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Morning everyone, my husbands work are doing a charity event so I’ll be making a hamper of brand new hair, beauty, skincare and makeup for a raffle prize. I think there’s over £200 worth of stuff here. I would never get round to using it all so at least it goes to something worthwhile 🤗
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17/04-15:05 (edited)
I did a small shop in tescos and I was about to pay but I couldn't find my bank and this lovely Man insisted he'd pay he wouldn't take note for a answer. I wanted his details so I could pay him back but he wouldn't give me them x
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Happy Easter everyone 🌞
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A pleasant morning surprise. My husband made me coffee and left a cute note ❤
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So my lovely neighbor sent me this delicious fresh cakes as I was fasting for me and my daughters. My neighbor is truly friendly and amazing
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I used to live in a rural village and at the time I couldn’t drive as I couldn’t afford a car and I was in major debt due to living off pay day loans so was struggling quite badly. A kind person who used to give me a lift to the shops for Groceries actually paid for a deposit for a car for me so I was able to able to travel to a better paid job and they gave me some advice on how I could become more organised and manage my money. It honestly changed my life and I have never been so grateful. I am now in a position where I am able to help others so I always try and give back whenever I can these days :)
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