Random Acts of Beauty

Random Acts of Beauty

There is nothing more beautiful than performing a random act of kindness. Please share here any pics and stories of when someone has done something beautiful and kind to you. Once you've posted your testimonial in this dedicated channel, head to your missions page and upload a screenshot of your post to get your 250 points.
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Pigeon Nest in my balcony :) not sure Why But always they do Nest here . I couldnt Take Away so we keep this chicks :) because now there is one more egg 🐣🐣🐣
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Loves to take beautiful photos, makes me feel beautiful and encouraging me more to take care of myself. Beauty is not just on the inside, but it shows outside too. So appreciate whatever it is. 🥰
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In a world where u can be anything, be kind! Not long ago a racing pigeon ended up in our back yard. As he didn’t fly away after 2 days, we reported a stray racing pigeon to RPRA, by reading his tag and leaving our contact details. They managed to find the owner to pick him up. It was good that he was picked by the owner as the pigeon’s wing was hurt. While the pigeon was in our yard, we provided him water and seeds, and kept our curious cockapoo away from him. The owner was so grateful that we took care of him.
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Miss Leo
I found a brand new iPhone pro max on the floor the other day and picked it up to hand in. It started ringing and I answered it ‘hello I’ve found this phone on the floor’ so I didn’t cause any domestics in case it was a males phone. Turns out it was his sister and she was so happy that I had answered and I told them where I was and waited for them to come and collect. It was very nice to see pure joy on the owners face when I handed it back to them. Funnily enough I had seen him running around frantically when I arrived but had no idea why! But it made me feel good that I made their day as not everyone would be so honest I’m sure and I’m glad that I found it and not some one else. But honestly seeing joy makes my day.
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Received this lovely flowers from arena flowers and nivea. It was random act of kindness day competition on the insta and I was lucky winner. So beautiful 💖
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What a beautiful gift I recived from Feelunique , thank you so much 💕
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I made my first cake for my 2 year old son. I'm very glad that everyone liked it)
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Morning everyone, my husbands work are doing a charity event so I’ll be making a hamper of brand new hair, beauty, skincare and makeup for a raffle prize. I think there’s over £200 worth of stuff here. I would never get round to using it all so at least it goes to something worthwhile 🤗
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