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Salcura Bioskin Adult DermaSerum Daily 50ml I received this p
Salcura Bioskin Adult DermaSerum Daily 50ml I received this product in this months beauty box. It received good reviews for rosacea and dry, itchy skin. I didn’t however expect such dramatic results after the first application. Instantly soothing my dry skin - which of late has been dehydrated and flaky causing a puffy t-zone. Sure enough this light gel like serum calmed my skin making it glow, with redness cleared up after the second application. People commented, my skin looks clearer. I’m also using it on my healing micro bladed eyebrows- a small pea sized dab on each brow, is easing the area nourishing and taking away the itching with comes with the healing stages of microblading. Being 98% natural, and containing no steroids which are so often prescribed with dry skin issues it can be used without having to continue use for long periods of time and still allowing great results. Without using any harsh chemicals. I always lean towards natural products. So I noted, Grape Vine Oil as great natural moisturiser, Lavender Oil reduces inflammation, Aloe Vera is super hydrating & Sea Buckthorn oil boosts collagen - this alone equals a win. The scent of Eucalyptus Oil & Tea Tree noted upon application gives a familiar reassuring scent, that tingles for second showing the properties are working then the serum settles almost instantly without being sticky or having any residue, simply feels wonderfully smooth, hydrated and calm. Which for me is a treat as soo many skincare products irritate my skin. The price tag being £13.99 for 50ml is affordable and for a product that can compete with many high end skincare lines and I’ve tried more than a few. It’s a real find, thankful to have my beauty box subscription to find such little gems as this one!